This year I had the honor and privilege to co-present a session at VMworld 2014 with my esteemed colleague Scott Lowe. As many of you know, Scott is a celebrity at VMworld and one of the most famous virtualization bloggers and the author of many best selling books on VMware vSphere.

In this session Scott and I pretended to be colleagues at a company that decided to deploy VMware NSX for their software-defined data center. I played the role of the “Network Guy”, and of course Scott played the role of the “Server Guy”. So then, how do we work together in this environment?

  • How do we gain operational visibility into our respective disciplines using existing tools?
  • How do we preserve existing roles and responsibilities?
  • What opportunities exist to converge operational data for cross-functional troubleshooting?
  • How does the Network team gain hop-by-hop visibility across virtual and physical switches?
  • How can the Network and Server teams work together to troubleshoot issues?

These are just some of the questions we attempt to role play and answer in this 35 min session:

***Update: this VMworld session video was removed from YouTube by VMware and is no longer available.***