This is a basic video demonstration I put together showing how Dell Fabric Manager 1.0 can be used to auto deploy a Leaf/Spine data center networking fabric based on standard Layer 3 routing protocols.

In the video you will see the fabric auto designed, auto configured, auto documented, and auto validated – from scratch – starting with design templates and sizing input. All of this demonstrated in about 30 minutes without any time-consuming and error prone human-keyboard CLI configuration. The demo also shows how DFM handles rouge configuration changes, and how DFM automates the process of adding new switches to the fabric.

Additional info:

  • The video shows the deployment of a Layer 3 Leaf/Spine fabric.
  • Future versions of DFM will also support auto deployment of Layer 2 VLT based fabrics.
  • This video shows interfacing with DFM via a web browser GUI.
  • Future versions of DFM will also provide northbound API interfaces.
  • DFM currently supports the Dell Z9000 and Dell S4810 data center switches.