If you are not familiar with the innovation in Cisco Nexus 7000 it’s easy to just dismiss it as “Cisco’s answer to Force10”. The reality is, the Nexus 7000 is much more than just a “me too” 10-gig switch to compete with likes of Force10, Foundry, Extreme, and others – Nexus is a complete technology leap beyond what any other switch vendor has to offer today.

Let’s hit on some of the many points that make Nexus 7000 unique and why this switch is in a league of its own…

  • Nexus 7000 is the first switch to deliver a LOSSLESS Ethernet Fabric with Virtual Output Queueing (VOQ) and Central Arbitration that guarantee no frames will be lost entering the switch fabric. Can Force-10, Foundry, Extreme, and Juniper say the same? NO!. Why a lossless ethernet fabric? Data Center server I/O consolidation – The next major architectural transformation in the Data Center.
  • Investment Protection. Nexus 7000 is designed to deliver 500+ Gbps per slot and beyond with future fabric cards – no forklift upgrades. Other vendors will ask you to buy a whole new chassis and linecards to get you to that kind of bandwidth.
  • High Availability. Because Nexus was designed to deliver I/O consolidation (Fiber Channel over Ethernet), high availability was built into every aspect of the switch design from grid redundant power supplies, stateful hitless supervisor failover, In Service Software Upgrades (ISSU), to a self healing OS that recognizes failed processes and repairs itself without user intervention.
  • Virtualization. A single Nexus switch can be carved into multiple logical switches with unique and isolated control and data planes instances. Why virtualization? Infrastructure consolidation across organizational and business unit boundaries

The fact is, Nexus 7000 is not just another 10-Gig switch. Nexus is a platform that will transform the Data Center as we know it. Nexus 7000 is in a much different league than what any other switch vendor has to offer today and is a product of Cisco’s leadership in Data Center innovation and transformation.

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