Virtualization Security Podcast: VMware NSX

Podcast appearance on 8/22/13

Topics (in no particular order)

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Virtualization Security Round Table Podcast #114: VMware NSX

Thank you Edward Haletky for the invite and hosting a great podcast!



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    Hi Brad,

    Thanks for the link, I enjoyed listening to the podcast.

    I heard you mentioning that ToR switch vendors would need to support VXLAN in their ASICs to do encap/decap and allow the overlay network to talk to the rest of the physical network. Would every ToR switch need to support VXLAN in the NSX architecture? I’m thinking only the VXLAN gateways in the network would need to support VXLAN encap/decap but not the ToR switches themselves. And those VXLAN gateways could be either physical devices or virtual appliances.

    Keep up the good work.


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      If your gateways are on x86 (virtual or physical), correct, your physical switches do not need to do anything special with VXLAN.
      The discussion in the podcast was about using a Top of Rack switch as an L2 gateway, where physical ports/vlans on that ToR can be logically connected to VXLAN L2 networks in the vswitch overlay. In such case, that ToR being used as the L2 gateway needs VXLAN support in its silicon. The other switches in the network do not need to anything special with VXLAN.


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