Video: Basic introduction to Network Virtualization, Nicira, and VMware

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This video is a snippet from a presentation I made which includes a quick and very basic introduction to Network Virtualization; virtual Layer 2; why VMware acquired Nicira; and how this changes the way we can design and deploy data center networks.



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Brad Hedlund (CCIE Emeritus #5530) is an Engineering Architect in the CTO office of VMware’s Networking and Security Business Unit (NSBU). Brad’s background in data center networking begins in the mid-1990s with a variety of experience in roles such as IT customer, value added reseller, and vendor, including Cisco and Dell. Brad also writes at the VMware corporate networking virtualization blog at

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  1. Hi Brad, is the complete presentation available somewhere? Thanks for your blog btw I think its very informational on a hot topic, hope you get a chance to still post after joining VMware.
    Cheers, Benjamin

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