Architecting Data Center Networks in the era of Big Data and Cloud

Earlier this month I was thrilled to have a speaking session at Interop Las Vegas 2012.

Session title: Architecting Data Center Networks in the era of Big Data and Cloud

Session abstract: Big Data clusters and SDN enabled clouds invite a new approach to data center networking. This session for data center architects will explore the transition from traditional scale-up chassis based Layer 2 centric networking, to the next generation of scale-out Layer 3 Leaf/Spine CLOS based fabrics of fixed switches.

Below is the HD video recording of the session, and the slides. Enjoy!


Slides PDF Download




  1. Zeus says

    Terrific session Brad! Loved every minute of it. Is it possible for you to share power point version of this slide deck ? Thanks in advance.

  2. Amit says

    Hi Brad,

    Just a question regarding L3 fabric- how is traffic encapsulated by hypervisor edge vswitch in Host1 connected to Leaf1 transported over to Host2 connected to Leaf2? How does Leaf1/Leaf2 bridge between Layer2 and Layer3? I understand how it will work with smth like FabricPath or QFabric, but it is bit hard to understand when it comes to L3 fabric like Dell’s L3 fabric, for example.



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