A new role at Cisco, and exciting opportunity

After an interview process lasting almost two months, today I am extremely thrilled to write that I will be taking on a significantly new role at Cisco.  I will be focusing on massively scalable data centers for cloud service providers and large enterprise customers around the world.

My job will be to learn from these customers about the challenges they face, studying the trends, understand the changing requirements, and in turn helping Cisco development and sales teams to continue to be relevant and well positioned; delivering scalable solutions in the near term, and game changing innovation for the long term.

I am honored to be joining a team of really smart people with lots of experience in this space.  I have a lot to learn in this role and thrilled at the chance to be academic again, studying uncharted waters with a team of great people.

I would like to thank Cisco and those I interviewed with for trusting me with this important responsibility.  A tremendous amount of scrutiny was placed on this role and I am deeply honored to be chosen for it.

Most importantly, Thank You to my wonderful friends, colleagues, and Family.  Your support and confidence makes all of this possible.



  1. says

    Awesome—congratulations Brad! This sounds like a great opportunity, and from the opportunities I’ve had to speak with you and work with you, I think you are an outstanding fit for the role. I hope that you will continue to share your valuable insight here as you help to “study uncharted waters”!

  2. Shahid Shafi says

    Congrats Cisco and Brad both for excellent selections!!!!!!! :-) Brad is the man and he will continue to rise and shine. Dude please make sure you still stay humble and approachable :-)

  3. Lloyd Andrew says

    Brad, congrats brother. I’ll have to ping you to see what team it is, might be the one I’m thinking of. Plus, you might be involved in the account I cover as they are positioning themselves in that space.

    Best of luck man, well deserved!

  4. Jeff S. Godfrey says

    Most excellent – congratulation Brad!! Your site is in my top information tier that I use to stay abreast of the ever-changing ‘cloudy’ skyscape. Keep up the great work!

  5. Ramesh says


    Congrats. I am new to your blog and i came across it accidently when i was searching for stuff for the new nexus/UCS/1000v data center i am building for the client. And since then, i don’t go to CCO for any reference on this subject, i just come to your blog. Great blog, I hope you will keep writing with all the new insight you gain on the cloud and massive data centers.

  6. Juno Guy says

    Let me know if you are ever interested in coming over to Juniper. ;-). I stumbled on your site and I have to agree, you have some great material on here. Looking forward to some more reading.

  7. says

    well deserved, brad, you were one of the reasons I joined Cisco and one of the guys I miss since I left – great to see you get recognized as an industry leader and someone who can significantly contribute… did they make you a DSE then? :-)


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